The radical concept store where
fashion, art and music are blended together, digging niche underground Eco-trends. If you like it, groove it!

Come to visit us, in the center of Rome, close to the Colosseum.
GROOVIN is located in the bohemian district called Rione Monti,
more precisely where Gladiators used to have fun! 



Groovin desires a world where each of us can freely be ourselves.
Everyone was born for e reason and only a good environment can create opportunities for each one to shine properly.

Groovin also believes in a world where people are conscious that the power of a mindful community is the only infinite resource on the planet we can have.
Through our cooperation we are able to make the difference: the Planet needs care from a wise community.

Groovin strives for becoming a conscious movement able to scout, support and spread urban eco-trends.
We want to be the Grooving Voice for those wise globetrotters that swing freely with fashion, art and music, representing the new generation of Groovin’ Lovers.