A radical retail concept mixing clothing, art and music while digging underground trends.
If you like it, groove it!

In our hub in the centre of Rome, GROOVIN sells hunted pioneer brands and non- replicable crafted products to his international clientele spreading loose urban trends.

What is more, GROOVIN showcases selected artists’ creations organizing ad hoc events and capsule collections in order to deeply experience the underground lifestyle.

So, our products are the result of an accurate products scouting of old, but absolutely actual, collections
besides a refined customization of High-Quality Vintage pieces in collaboration with tailors and artists.

We desire to give clients the opportunity to find, in our store, rare products embracing our style and eco-conscious philosophy.
Sustainability is a key factor.

 GROOVIN is the connections between creative, professionals and amateurs who love dealing with conscious city turmoil.